• Benefits & Services


  • Cost-effective

    • One set of equipment purchased, licensed, managed, and replaced centrally for the consortium
    • Central data system management, new versions uploaded, system backups, and reports generated centrally
    • Centralized, local technical support for participating members
    • Access to a K-12 eBook collection
      • 300 LightBox titles per district (nonfiction multi-user interactive eBooks)
      • 250 Brain Hive eBooks


    • Less district personnel time and resources needed
    • Centralized service means better access
    • Better collection development opportunities
    • More collaboration opportunities with consortium members

    Free, Ongoing Training in a Variety of Formats

    • Multiple face-to-face learning sessions
    • Virtual training on your computer via Zoom
    • Local and regional face-to-face user group meetings
    • Distance-learning opportunities via videoconferencing
    • On-site training available
    • Online video help files and other resources


  • The system services include:

    • Servers, licensing, maintenance, replacement
    • Automated Patron Uploads
    • Data conversion and upload
    • Data management
    • Cataloging support
    • Site configuration, setup, and data upload
    • Backups, both on-site, and off-site
    • Technical support
    • Ongoing training and professional development
    • User groups, listservs, group networking
    • Other features and services as determined when available