Destiny® Library Manager™ library software is a centralized K-12 resource management tool that helps libraries in a district work more efficiently and creates a collaborative learning environment that strengthens and supports the library/classroom connection.  With integrated and centralized library circulation, cataloging, searching and reporting functions, student achievement is promoted and supported.
    Destiny® Textbook Manager™ software provides districts with a more efficient way to manage textbook costs, circulate and track instructional materials, and ensure every student has the materials they need to succeed.  By providing a district-wide view of textbook inventory, transference of instructional materials, and lowering replacement costs, districts can anticipate needs in the textbook inventory and reduce excess inventory and costs.
    Destiny® Asset Manager™ assists K-12 districts with maximizing the value of fixed and portable assets through better resource and education inventory management. With Destiny Asset Manager it is easier for districts to share assets, reduce purchasing overlaps, and optimize the use of existing assets.
    Destiny® Media Manager™ helps districts save time and money by making it easy to schedule and deliver instructional media anywhere in the district. This system keeps track of inventory, reduces or eliminates lost materials, and puts an end to disruptions and interruptions in lesson plans and curriculum due to missing or damaged media materials.
    WebPath Express™ is an educational search tool that provides today’s K-12 students with a safe, fun and familiar search tool that integrates over 70,000 trustworthy, relevant websites into library catalogs while filtering out questionable content.
    Follett’s Reading Program Service helps students become better readers by directing them to books in the library collection that are in their optimal reading zone, encouraging literacy and improving test scores.  Students are guided to titles in their optimally challenged reading zone through searches by level, point value or subject. Students will be more self-directed, empowered to find the books they want quickly and easily.
    Follett’s Standards enables users to easily find standards-aligned district and school resources to help support instruction. While districts usually have many existing resources that can be used to support instruction, finding the right resources that align to the standards being taught can be a lengthy process.  In one simple search, quality content can be found that correlates to the standards being taught. 
    One Search™ organizes school research databases so students can quickly view and utilize the full range of library resources and online subscriptions in one easy search, via the Internet, anytime, anywhere.  One Search encourages students to use the library more, giving them the confidence to conduct self-directed searches.
    TitlePeek™ sparks interest and encourages students to read by enhancing library searches with the ability to view book covers, browse chapters and more.  Each search result displays the book cover along with varied additional content such as title profile, table of contents, brief summary, author notes, first chapter or excerpt, published reviews and more.

    Alliance Products, Follett Software’s online MARC cataloging services, offer 24/7 access to the largest collection of quality MARC records for print titles as well as audiovisual, media and vintage titles. Fast, efficient and accurate, these online services use the Alliance databases, which are continuously updated with new MARC records, so library and media catalogs can be kept complete and up to date.

     Alliance Plus™ allows access to 9+ million quality MARC records for print materials. 

    Alliance A/V™ gives you access to an additional 780,000+ MARC records for non-print audiovisual materials.